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Since 2016, we have been enrolling persons in the Ohio Health Registry who live in the vicinity of shale development (aka “fracking”). The purpose is to collect baseline health profiles of these persons. Subsequently, these profiles will be updated to record any changes in health that may be attributable to shale development infrastructure and/or operations. This data will be made available to qualified public health researchers. Strict confidentiality is maintained.



  • Better allocation of public health resources to your community

  • Improved education of your doctors

  • Better-tailored physician care of you and your family

  • Establishment of better regulations and better enforcement of regulations of shale operations in Ohio

  • Providing potentially useful documentation of harms you may have suffered if you decide to take legal action against shale interests.

Citizen commitment and involvement are key to establishing a healthier environment for ourselves and for our children

What We've Achieved

  • Recruitment of a team of volunteers to operate the Ohio Health Registry

  • Training of a cadre of qualified registrars

  • Development of a comprehensive baseline health survey instrument

  • Development of protocols for secure storage of collected health data

  • Registration of persons living in shale development regions in several counties across Ohio.