How the Ohio Health Registry Operates


how the registry operates

The Ohio Health Registry operates with trained registrars who conduct registrations in person, as opposed to online.  Registrars thoroughly explain each part of the registration questionnaires and maintain a presence while registrants are filling out the questionnaires in order to answer any questions registrants may have about the questionnaires.

This personal interaction also allows for registrants to share with registrars, if they so choose, their stories of their experiences with shale development in their communities and the effects on their personal lives.  If they wish, registrants may give their permission for these stories to be shared with researchers or with the public, either anonymously or with attribution.

Unlike some health registries, the Ohio Health Registry focuses exclusively on Ohio residents in order to facilitate researchers who are likewise focused on this state.

The process of registration begins with obtaining informed consent forms from registrants.  Strict confidentiality is maintained in all phases of the registration process and in handling data obtained from registrations.  Before data is stored in the OHR data base, each questionnaire is de-identified, removing the names of registrants and replacing them with code numbers.

Only qualified researchers will be given access to the OHR data base.